Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A hearty welcome to you all. My name is Paul Carroll, and over the course of this blog and the accompanying book (which is in the making), I will be teaching you how to Survive The Internet. Mainly what you'll find here are short snippets from the book, and a few interviews with some of the best known faces on the Net, and some others that have survived and thrived nonetheless.

Of the topics to be explored, there will be:
  • Social Networking sites, like Bebo and Facebook
  • Communication sites, like blogs and Twitter
  • Public broadcasting sites, like YouTube and AudioBoo
  • Search engines, like Google and Yahoo
  • Free gaming sites
  • Publishing sites
  • Places to read
  • Places to buy, like eBay and Amazon

...along with many more, and some tips for surviving while on the Internet. So sit back, relax, and let Survive The Net take you on a journey into the unknown, or perhaps to a place you love. You'll be meeting interesting people, just as Rachel and Amy from Lipstick Royalty, Charlie McDonnel from his YouTube page charlieissocoollike and the members of Lessthan7 from YouTube (Senan, Arin, Casi, Matt, Mallory, KT and Lexi) among others with their own interesting tales.

Stay tooned!

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